I specialize in providing psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents. 

 Sometimes children and teens are faced with unexpected challenges that leave them feeling sad, worried, or angry. Parents often consider taking their child to therapy when these feelings lead to changes in behaviors at home and school.   



Parenting young children can be even more challenging because they often do not express themselves in the way that we do; as a therapist I have learned that in order to communicate with children I have to see the world through their eyes. This is why I also offer play therapy services. The “Kaleidoscope Playroom” offers a variety of toys, games, and art supplies for children to choose from as their tools for self-expression.  


Regardless of the amount of love and support that a parent provides, parenting children with behavioral problems can still present challenges. Sometimes it is easy to get so caught up in the problem that we forget to praise and reinforce positive behaviors. In addition, problematic behaviors may be a sign of a deeper issue such as depression, anxiety, or social conflicts. Additionally, some adolescents may struggle as they develop their sexual identity and may need additional support to talk about their feelings. Therapy can be an effective way to cope with these challenges. I believe it is essential to work with the client and their family to develop new solutions to produce lasting changes.          

My office provides a safe and calming environment for Children and Teens to express their thoughts and feelings without feeling judged. 

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